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ADL Vantage

ADL Vantage is an advanced, high speed, wireless data link built to survive the rigors of GNSS/RTK surveying and precise positioning. This sophisticated 0.1-4.0 Watt radio modem utilizes Pacific Crest’s next generation Advanced Data Link (ADL) technology while remaining backward compatible with existing Pacific Crest, Trimble and other products.  ADL Vantage’s full-function user interface streamlines field configuration and troubleshooting so you can maintain maximum productivity. For the most rugged and reliable digital data link, go with the Geomatics industry’s new standard in lightweight wireless communications – ADL Vantage.

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Key Features
  • Multi-function user interface
  • Heavy-Duty Construction
  • High Over-the-Air Link Rate
  • Configurable Transmit Power
  • Advanced 40 MHz Bandwidth
  • Software-Derived Channel Bandwidth
ADL Vantage Datasheet (English)  (Polish)  (Russian)
ADL Vantage Getting Started Guide (English)
 ADL Vantage Family User Guide  (English)  
ADL Vantage User Guide (English)  (Portuguese)
 ADL Vantage/ADL Vantage Pro User Guide  (English)  (Polish)  (Portuguese)  (Russian)
ADL Vantage Vehicle Mount Assembly (English)
 ADLCONF User Guide (English)

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