GPS/GNSS Solutions

Trimble BD950

Dual-frequency RTK GPS receiver on a single compact card

The Trimble® BD950 GPS receiver provides an exceptional level of accuracy, ease of integration, and component life. Following the Eurocard form factor, the receiver is specifically designed to allow easy integration into specialized or custom hardware solutions. Accurate to the centimeter, the BD950 provides outstanding reliability in a wide range of guidance or control applications. The receiver’s small size and low power requirements make it especially suitable for portable solutions.

Key Features

  • Extremely low power requirements
  • Application flexibility
  • Low initial investment
  • Accurate and reliable centimeter-level positions
  • Faster to market with an easily integratable form factor
  • Maximum interoperability with established GPS infrastructure

 BD950 Datasheet: Visit
BD950 Reference Manual Visit:
 GPS-GNSS Receiver Modules Brochure (English)

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