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Pacific Crest has announced a receive-only replacement for the PDL RXO called the ADL RXO (Advanced Data Link RX-Only module). The ADL Foundation, a 1-Watt transceiver module, is also available. The ADL RXO uses the same command set as the PDL RXO and its firmware is completely backward-compatible with all RFM- and PDL-generation radio modems.

The ADL RXO is thinner than the PDL RXO (0.43 inches vs. 0.70 inches) and has the same length (3.00 inches). However, the ADL RXO is wider than the PDL RXO (2.13 inches vs. 2.0 inches).

The ADL RXO offers many improvements over the older PDL RXO:

  • All models support both 12.5 and 25 kHz channel bandwidth
  • Improved performance from better Forward Error Correction
  • Wider operating temperature range
  • Enhanced connectivity with a 20-pin connector option
  • Expanded Trimble and SATEL protocol support

Pacific Crest will continue to accept orders for the PDL RXO as long as supplies last but we can no longer offer extended warranties beyond the standard two-year warranty. Pacific Crest will support the PDL RXO for 36 months after sale. This will include both tech support and service but there will not be any more software or firmware updates.

Please contact for more details.
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