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Application Notes
 App Note - ADL Vantage Pro and Battery Life  (English)
 App Note - Applying for a 25 kHz FCC license  (English)
 App Note - Configuring Radios for Narrowbanding  (English)
 App Note - Connecting XDL Rover 2 and GeoXH via Bluetooth  (English)
 App Note - Exporting Configuration Files with ADLCONF Dealer  (English)
 App Note - FCC Narrowband FAQs  (English)
 App Note - Finding Additional Help in PDLConf  (English)
 App Note - PDL Repeater Setup  (English)
 App Note - Recommended Sequence for Powering RFM96 and TM32 Wireless Modems  (English)
 App Note - Reducing Antenna VSWR  (English)
 App Note - Resolving Radio Range Issues  (English)
 App Note - Transforming a Base Radio into a Repeater  (English)

 Guide to Wireless Data Links  (English)

Case Studies / Customer Stories
 Precision Agriculture  (English)
 Space Elevators  (English)

 ADL Foundation  (English)  (Polish)  (Russian)  
 ADL RXO  (English)
 ADL Sentry  (English)  (Russian) 
 ADL Vantage  (English)  (Polish)  (Russian)
 ADL Vantage 35  (English)
 XDL Micro  (English)  (Russian)
XDL Rover 2  (English)  (Russian)

Manuals, Guides & Lists
 ADL Vantage Family User Guide  (English)  
 ADL Vantage Getting Started Guide  (English)
ADL Vantage/ADL Vantage Pro Getting Started Guide  (English)
ADL Vantage/ADL Vantage Pro User Guide  (English)  (Polish)  (Portuguese)  (Russian)
ADL Vantage Vehicle Mount Assembly  (English)
 ADLCONF User Guide  (English)
 Communications Products Parts List  (English)
 EDL II User Guide  (English)  (French)  (German)  (Spanish)
 EDL Programmers Guide  (English)
 PCC Range Estimator Quick Start Guide  (English)
 PDL User's Manual  (English)
 PDL GFU15 User's Guide  (English)
 Spread Spectrum Radio Modem RFM96W  (English)
 XDL Micro Integrator's Guide  (English)
XDL Rover 2 User Guide  (English)
 XDLCONF User Guide   (English)

Marketing Bulletins
 Harmonic Interference in PDL and RFM Products  (English)
 Pacific Crest Product Bulletin - ADL Uplink End of Life  (English)
 Pacific Crest Product Bulletin - Narrowbanding Update  (English)
 Pacific Crest Product Bulletin - Narrowbanding (ZIP file)  (English)
 Product Bulletin - Powering off the ADL Vantage Pro  (English)

 Precise Positioning Overview  (English)
 Remote Sensing Overview  (English)
 Wireless Data Links RTK  (English)

Regulatory Documents
 ADL Foundation Certificate of Compliance [ROHS]  (English)
ADL Foundation EC Declaration of Conformity  (English)
ADL Foundation ROHS Tables  (English/Chinese)
 ADL RXO EC Declaration of Conformity  (English)
 ADL Sentry EC Declaration of Conformity  (English)
 ADL Vantage Certificate of Compliance [ROHS]  (English)
 ADL Vantage EC Declaration of Conformity  (English)
ADL Vantage ROHS China Tables  (English/Chinese)
ADL Vantage Pro EC Certification of Conformity  (English)
Certificado de Homologação ADL35-2  (Portuguese)
 Certificado de Homologação ADLP  (Portuguese)
 Certificado de Homologação ADLP with Rectification  (Portuguese)
 FCC Certification ADLV ADLS  (English)
 FCC Narrowbanding Briefing (PPT)  (English)
 FCC Narrowbanding Mandate  (English)
 FCC Narrowbanding Requirements for UHF Transmission in the US (ZIP File)  (English)
 FCC Tech Topic 16  (English)
Notice for European Union Customers [WEEE]  (English)
 XDL Rover 2 CE Declaration of Conformity (English)
XDL Rover 2 FCC Declaration of Conformity (English)

Guide to Wireless Data Links
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