Precise Positioning


Cranes comprise the heavy lifting segment of the market for the transportation, construction, and manufacturing industries. The majority of cranes are operated remotely and rely on positioning, data, and communication. Sophisticated sensors are mounted on the crane to measure the position of the moving parts and the load so the crane can operate automatically. The data from the sensors are communicated back to the remote control tower by a radio link. The exact position of the crane can be determined by a GPS system mounted on the crane.
Pacific Crest provides a complete solution for the crane market with its superior data radios links for communication.  The lifting industry works from a system of quadrant and points that position the crane. GPS receivers are strategically located on a crane to determine the exact position and location of the crane.

Radios from Pacific Crest deliver the communication link from the GPS receiver mounted on the crane to the remote control center. They also provide Real-Time Kinematic (RTK) corrections from the control center to the GPS receiver. This communication dictates the location of the crane and then positions the boom over the load for pickup. Radios and GPS receiver modules are optimized for this market by their rugged design and built-in reliability.


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