Precise Positioning

Marine Surveying

Marine Survey consists of charting or mapping the waterways to produce navigational charts. Positioning and communications are key to the accuracy of this endeavor. Differential GPS (DGPS) systems with RTK corrections provide the highest level of performance, ensuring centimeter level accuracy. RTK provides both horizontal and vertical positioning accuracies for precise points on the maps.

Pacific Crest offers a combination of high-precision RTK in their radio links and Trimble’s GPS/GNSS OEM receiver modules with GLONASS support for marine survey positioning solutions. GPS with GLONASS systems are a strong asset to positioning in high-latitude areas. The differential corrections for the GPS systems are transmitted via radio communications.

Pacific Crest provides marine survey solutions coastal waterways, oceans and harbors with its wireless communication systems. These systems are rugged in design, reliable and accurate. Offshore industries rely on accurate maps from marine survey using advanced survey techniques and precise positioning for such things as the placement of platforms, pipelines, and wind farms.


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