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The ADL RXO is at End of Life (EOL)

View ADL RXO EOL Announcement.
Developers are asked to consider replacing the ADL RXO in their products with the XDL Micro 403-473 MHz transceiver module.

The ADL RXO is a receive-only UHF radio module designed for integration into products that require a low power one-way radio communication link. This sophisticated radio utilizes Pacific Crest’s next generation Advanced Data Link (ADL) technology while remaining backward compatible with existing Pacific Crest, Trimble and other products. Integrating the latest wireless technology from the leader in radio frequency data communications instantly puts your products in touch with the world’s largest installed base of GNSS precise positioning systems. With Pacific Crest’s system integration expertise, you are buying a solution, not just a radio.

Key Features

  • 40 MHz Bandwidth
  • High Over-the-Air Link Rate
  • Multiple Protocol Support
  • Software-Derived Channel Bandwidth
  • Improved Environmental Capabilities
ADL RXO Datasheet (English)  (Russian)
ADL RXO Getting Started (English)
ADL RXO Radio Module Integrator's Guide (English)
 ADLCONF User Guide  (English)
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